What is M Powered?

M Powered was founded on the principle that human movement is fundamental to achieving health and living your best life. The ability to contract muscles appropriately is essential for normal, pain-free movement. M represents ‘Muscle’ as care is centered around them, while Powered refers to proper and complete muscle contractile ability. Together they play on the word “empowered”.

What is your approach?

Your muscles are contracting all the time to stabilize the body or help you move. Injuries, stress, aging, and other factors can cause our muscles to not contract, or fire, at the right time. Other muscles take over to pick up the slack, causing altered movement. This is what results in joint and muscle pain and dysfunction. The goal of our treatment program is to identify which muscles are not activating and then to get them to work properly. We apply precise stimulation to specific points on the body to restore those inhibited muscles.

What does activating a muscle mean?​​​​​​​

Muscle activation refers to the process of taking a muscle from a reduced contractile state to a more robust and efficient state. Improving strength, pain, and range of motion. By stimulating specific receptors and reflexes to re-establish muscle contractile force –basically switch them back on.

What should I expect during treatment?

Treatments are performed on a chiropractic table where joint range of motion evaluations are followed by specific muscle tests. Once the problem area(s) are found, weak muscles are “activated” with manual pressure.Each muscle that is treated should immediately start to work more efficiently.

How much does it cost?

Service is provided by the number of muscles treated. Each muscle treated is charged at $55.

How long is a session?

​​​​​​​Sessions are provided in 20 minutes increments based on the severity and chronicity of your complaint.

Can I benefit even if I don’t have any pain?

Absolutely. Muscle imbalance in the short term can often go unnoticed as the body adapts around the inhibited muscles, this leads to decreased physical performance. Long term muscle imbalance creates altered movement patterns that stress and irritate tissue, causing pain and decreased physical capabilities

What can I expect from my first session?

Your first visit will consist of client intake and health history, postural assessment, and the evaluation of stability and mobility of the muscular system. You may feel like you’ve had a workout afterwards.

What should I wear to my appointments?

We recommend you wear athletic or loose fitting and comfortable clothing to your appointment due to the amount of bodywork, jeans and dresses make movement difficult.

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