Pulsed EMF

Pulsed EMF

pulsed emf

Curious about boosting energy, reducing pain, and improving health without drugs or surgery? Discover pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (pulsed EMF). This therapy uses electromagnetic fields to stimulate your body at the cellular level. This offers benefits for pain, inflammation, circulation, and healing.

Understanding Pulsed EMF

Pulsed EMF uses low-intensity electromagnetic pulses on specific body parts. The therapy involves a device that looks like a mat, pad, or coil. It emits safe electromagnetic waves that interact with your cells.

These mimic and enhance your body’s natural energy without causing harm or pain. This is like your body’s natural electromagnetic fields for various functions.

How Does Pulsed EMF Work?

Pulsed EMF therapy boosts cellular energy, enhancing various functions. It increases nitric oxide production and release. It improves blood flow and reduces inflammation and oxidative stress. It regulates blood pressure and the immune system and promotes wound healing. It supports tissue repair and enhances nerve function and brain activity.

By elevating nitric oxide levels, this treatment improves organ, tissue, and system health. Pulsed EMF therapy can stimulate the body’s natural healing after injuries or surgeries.


Pulsed EMF therapy helps with various health conditions. These include acute and chronic pain, mood disorders, fatigue, and multiple sclerosis. It can also address cancer treatment side effects and bladder or pelvic pain.

Some of the benefits that pulsed EMF therapy may offer you are:

  • Reduced pain and inflammation

  • Improved circulation and oxygenation

  • Faster healing and recovery

  • Enhanced mobility and range of motion

  • Increased energy and vitality

  • Better sleep quality and mood

This therapy is generally safe and well-tolerated. Yet, it is not advisable for certain individuals. This includes those with pacemakers, implanted metal devices, or pregnant women. Before starting the treatment, consult your doctor. This is particularly crucial if you have a medical condition or take medication.

How to Choose the Right Pulsed EMF Device?

When choosing a pulsed EMF device for home use, consider several factors. What is the frequency and intensity of electromagnetic pulses? What is the device’s size and shape, ease of use, and portability?

It also helps to consider the manufacturer’s warranty and customer service. Assessing the price and value of the device will help you make an informed decision. These factors will help you find the device that meets your needs and preferences.

We recommend the following top pulsed EMF devices:

  • OMI Full Body Mat covers your entire body. It provides relaxing and rejuvenating, low-intensity electromagnetic pulses.

  • OMI Pulsepad is ideal for spot treatments on body areas requiring extra attention.

  • DC Cure PEMF Therapeutic Device relieves low back pain. It is wearable as a belt around your waist.

  • BioBalance PEMF: This is a professional-grade device. It delivers high-intensity electromagnetic pulses for various health issues.

  • OMI Minimat: This option delivers low-intensity electromagnetic pulses, promoting wellness.


Pulsed EMF therapy is a promising alternative healing method. It offers benefits for various health issues. Providing increased energy to cells aids in improved function and faster healing.

Do you want to try this alternative therapy at home? If so, selecting a suitable device based on needs and preferences is essential. For safety and effectiveness, consult your doctor before starting this therapy.

For more on pulsed EMF, visit M Powered Chiropractic at our Georgetown, Texas, office. Call (512) 548-4355 to schedule an appointment today.

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